Marshall Harrison: J.S. Bach - Partita no3 - Preludio - now with tab

Hey Fans, The preparations for this video commenced months ago during a recent trip to Las Vegas and the fruits of those labors were realized only yesterday. I did upload a faster and slightly more unmusical version but felt the note accuracy wasn't acceptable. This recording is slighly slower but quite a bit more accurate. My fluorescent yellow RG550 was to be the instrument used in this video but though visually stunning the playability of the Vigier Shawn Lane model is without peer therefore that is what you see here. Some of the notes were shifted an octave to give the pedal points an open string "fulcrum".

Technically, this piece requires excellence in many different areas notably alternate, sweeping, and SWYBRYD picking. If you want the tab to this unequivocal masterpiece then send $8 USD to

Marshall Harrison - J.S. Bach - Partita no3 - Preludio