News: Facebook Announces Major Band Page Changes

Facebook Announces Major Band Page Changes & They're Probably Going To Hurt You

Facebook has announced major changes that will affect evey musician and marketer using Page apps by RootMusic (Bandpages), ReverbNation, FanBridge and others. On March 31st you will no longer be able to set those apps to serve as your default landing page. Gone - hidden behind a tab - are the email sign-up, videos, storefront and other features that these apps provided.

In essence, Facebook has taken control back of your landing page. The Timeline cover displays a 851 x 315 pixel banner across the top of your Page. Replacing your app will Facebook's Timeline along with a few new options. You can also feature a Timeline post at the top for up to 7 days; and Timeline highlights any activity between friends and the artist.

These changes becomes madatory on March 31st, but admins can opt in at any time prior. Your app created page will still be available, but as a secondary tab. more