Steve Morse: classic rock revisited interview

Jeb: Flying Colors seems like everyone was pushing and pulling and throwing it against the wall and seeing what stuck.

Steve: Everyone was really pushing everybody. I was working close to capacity during those moments where the songs were changing. Normally, I can spit out ideas really fast but Neal would just say something like, “I think an F# minor would work better over this part” and Casey would go, “What about doing this?” I would have the scenario change twice within one minute and it was really hard to keep up.

Jeb: Do you see your career, at some point in the future, going away from Deep Purple and more into the area of Flying Colors?

Steve: Yes, I definitely do. I don’t think Deep Purple can keep up the level of touring that we do, forever. I have always pushed them, sometimes too hard, for some control in the scheduling so that I can book stuff when there is a touring gap.

The problem I keep running into is that when a gap becomes available, then it is too late to book the dates for my solo stuff. I don’t find out about the dates being totally open until pretty late in the game. That is my only complaint with Deep Purple; I wish I had more control over the schedule. I think it is naturally going to slow down, somewhat. full interview