Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger's "in Motion" gets nine stars!

Mr Fastfinger: in Motion
Mr. Fastfinger's new "in Motion" CD is now available directly from the artist. Sensei will sign the CD's for you and make sure you get some extra goodies not available from anywhere else.

In Motion is a hard rocking instrumental album. Featuring guests: Jordan Rudess, Thomas Blug, Timo Kämäräinen. Energy, expression, feeling, emotion and guitar! Also includes a fretboard game along with a lot of jam tracks to inspire your practicing and playing to new dimensions! 
“Well, first of all, clear your schedule. Once you push play the only thing you’ll be able to do for the next 59 minutes is feel the groove! For me that means involuntary head and feet movement plus copious amounts of air-instrumentation.” 9/9 stars from HOLLYWOOD METAL  Get your copy of Mr Fastfinger: in Motion and make it 10 stars!

I hope to catch up with Mr Fastfinger and  Mika Tyyskä in an upcoming interview for Truth In Shredding... I just have to make sure my Chi is aligned... yin and yang in balance and CD located in full 7.1 Feng shui surround sound.