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Covert Special Ops

Do you fancy being part of a Covert Special Ops Group helping with a project we are working on at JTC? If so, then read on...
We need between 15-20 people who match any of the following criteria:
Guitar player who writes their own music
Guitar player who writes Jam Tracks
Guitar Music Teacher
If this is you, and you have access to Skype then we want to hear from you.
We can't yet tell you why, we can't yet tell you how and we can't tell you what you will get as a reward if you are chosen, but what we can tell you is that if you are picked then you will play a very important role in our plans and be well rewarded for it too.
If you are interested then please drop us an email by clickinghere and tell us a little bit about yourself. We will then select our Special Ops Group from the entries.
Good luck, and thanks in advance!