News: Timber Tones release new luxury plectrums!

Timber Tones release new luxury plectrums!

New Product development has gone a little crazy at Timber Tones Towers in the last few months.
We are constantly designing new plectrums to meet all of your musical needs.
Our latest plectrums are show below:

Jazzy Tones
Buffalo Bone in a Jazz III

shape, dyed in different colours.

Leather Tones

For those who play the Ukulele, Leather Tones are manufactured

from 4 different leathers with

various hardness and thicknesses.

Stone Tones

Stone Tones are made from

3 colours of reconstituted

Stone and are among our mostbeautiful plectrums.

Jazz Tones -

Mother of Pearl

New to the Jazz Tones range this month comes a beautiful

Jazz pick made of

Freshwater Mother of Pearl.

Timber Tones release new display box.

You may not have realised, however Timber Tones plectrums are now in over 50% of UK music shops, and are distributed to over 20 countries around the world. In order to make it easier for shops to hold our ever growing range pf plectrums, Timber Tones have recently released their own Wooden Display box, which hold 48 different plectrums. Watch out for these turning up in a guitar store near you soon!

Timber Tones release new Treasure Tones.

It's been long known that Guitarists such as Brian May have loved the sound that a silver plectrum can produce. Treasure Tones takes that idea and goes a little crazy. The usual Timber Tones shape is now available in Solid Silver, 9 & 18 carat Gold, Palladium and Platinum. Come and see the most valuable plectrums in the world.

Bone Tones.

If you read the Music Press you will soon see lots of press releases about the Timber Tones range of products. The latest is about our range of Buffalo Bone and Horn, we call them Bone Tones.

Made to our usual design and shape these beautiful plectrums are suitable for Electric and Acoustic Guitar and are manufactured from materials that are a waste product, Buffalos are farmed for Steak, Leather and Cheese!