Aleks Sever: new album review and interview

1. Showtime
2. Nightclub Art
3. Joker
4. Wild Love
5. Backstage
6. First Day
7. Danger Girl
8. City Rain
9. Silhouette
10. Stars

Guitar Noize review:
Aleks Sever’s CD “Danger Girl” features her brilliant guitar playing, soulful songwriting and outstanding musicianship throughout. “Danger Girl” combines the best of Funk/Jazz and Rock and establishes Aleks Sever as a major talent in today’s modern instrumental music...

There aren’t many female funk guitarists around let alone someone of this calibre and I’m mentioning that Aleks is female because it’s a fact, she is, but it shouldn’t matter and it doesn’t. Aleks’ playing is exceptional, her phrasing is glorious and her tone sublime. From the opening track ‘Showtime‘ I knew I was in for a treat with it’s laid back funk groove and Aleks’ Robben Ford-esque guitar tones playing smooth Jazzy and Bluesy phrases... Danger Girl‘ had me hooked on first listen and I’ve gone back to it again and again and again, I love listening to funk and it has been a long time since I’ve found the perfect blend of Funk/Jazz/Blues and Rock, this album is definitely one of my favourite releases of 2012 so far so make sure you check out Aleks Sever’s website for more info and check out the video below to hear Alek’s playing some of the tracks from her album Danger Girl live. Full review

Guitar International Interview 
Rick: How did you end up with a guitar in your hands and was it an immediate “love at first bite” kind of relationship?

Aleks Sever: When I was very young I started playing piano, but I knew that I had to find something different. Piano wasn’t quite it. I got my first acoustic guitar from my parents when I was 12 years old. I would pick out chords and melodies to the songs I heard on the radio and I knew immediately that I loved the guitar. About 1 year later I came across some records from Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I remember thinking they play guitar like me, but I don’t sound anything like that. Being fascinated by the tone and feel, I finally discovered the electric, and it was so exciting to play with overdrive and express yourself with all kinds of different sounds. Full interview

Aleks Sever