David Maxim Micic: : Destiny Potato - Dark Side Of You

Officially formed in the spring of 2011, DESTINY POTATO mastermind

and singer Aleksandra Djelmas have been writing and recording songs together since they were 16. Maxim and Djelmas attended the same high school and both their fathers played in one of Serbia's most popular progressive rock bands, YU GRUPA.

"I officially met Alex in a music class," says Maxim. "We knew our father's played together so we first started talking about that, then we realized we both loved pop music and would get together after school and write lots of piano based tunes with dreams of one day having a number one song on the pop charts."

Following high school, Maxim attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music. It was there a friend introduced him to some heavier sounds, namely the U.K.-based tech metal band, SIKTH. "From there, I just started discovering so much more metal music," he says. "I decided to do a solo album inspired by these bands as well as Serbian and other Eastern European music (Maxim has self released 2 solo albums thus far, the Bilo series, volumes 1.0 and 2.0) though some of the heavier sounds also started to be incorporated into the music Alex and I were working on." more

Destiny Potato - Dark Side Of You.
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Destiny Potato - Dark Side Of You