Guthrie Govan,Paul Gilbert,Joe Satriani,Andy James,Tom Quayle,Rick Graham: iGuitar articles for you

Guthrie Govan: 4 Part Interview
Widely considered the best guitarist on the planet, Guthrie Govan joined Jamie Humphries in the Guitar Interactive studio for his most revealing interview ever. Levi Clay profiles the guitar legend.

Paul Gilbert: Backstage in London
Levi Clay sat down with Paul Gilbert backstage at the Marshall 50 Years Of Loud Live Show in London to talk about his experiences with MArshall amps and his latest album Vibrato.

Joe Satriani: Interview & Exclusive Jam
Joe opens up about the first time he heard a Marshall Amp and what it means to be invited to play at such a prestigious event. Theres more as Jamie & Joe trade licks in a pre-interview blues jam.

Andy James - Hybrid Picking
Andy continues his How To Play Fast Series with a brand new lesson on hybrid picking.

Tom Quayle - Chord Knowledge
Fusion master Tom Quayle explores chord concepts further in part 2 of The II-V-I Progression.

Rick Graham - Melodic Minor
This month, Rick looks at ways to use the Melodic Minor Scale in Rock playing.