Sam Bell: Legend of Zelda

Mitch Coull: Hemina - Synthetic new album epic progressive metal

Tom Geldschläger: Xell - guitar medley - scary playing alert!

Roger Pedersen: Dirty Loop's "Circus"

Maranhão: improvisation

Richie Kotzen: pre show warm up

Milan Polak: Harmonic Minor lesson complete

George Marios: time for a little noodling

Jan Laurenz: little flamenco workout

Matt Warnock: Guitar Chord Inversions in 1 Position

Levi Clay: Night of Sin (Solo)

Niko Tsonev: is new lead guitarist for Steven Wilson Band

Maycown Reichembach: Greg Howe Band - Tour Argentina 2011

Oziel Zinho: signature guitar in the works.

Michael Brown: Tracer UK tour dates

Amy Schugar: talks about new album and inspirations

Dave Reffett: Voices of Metal

Lee Ritenour,Julian Lage: Study with Outstanding Jazz Guitarists

The Commander-In-Chief: 22 year old Norwegian 7stringer "The Commander-In-Chief" confirmed for Bloodstock 2012

Jason Becker: We're VERY Close, but just 5 DAYS LEFT...

Joe Pinnavaia: Guitar Sherpa at

Chip Maleny: 8th is International Woman's Day!