Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: BCC back for album III

Marty Friedman: three solo albums to get US release

Yngwie Malmsteen: will be the guest host on Swedish national radio show

Fabrizio Licciardello: 8 finger inline tapping Improvisation

Lmron Sukandar: Another great Indonesian guitarist

Marco De Cave: For the Love of God - Fender HM

Alejandro Abellan: VI Edition guitar solo competition

Derek Sivers: Berklee College of Music speech

Jason Vieaux: Launches Interactive, Online Guitar School with ArtistWork

Paul Gilbert: Tops the Top 100 players on TIS by number of posts

Derryl Gabel: Lesson Reviews

Feodor Dosumov,Niko Zaporojan: Wild Russian Jam Session

Roman Bulakhov: Ukrainian Shred Fusion

Guthrie Govan ,Bryan Beller,Marco Minnemann: Aristocrats 2012

Frank Gambale: awesome soloing with class

Shaun Baxter: Ego Improvised Solo - monster soloing!

Wojciech Hoffmann,Atma Anur: Space

Stanley Jordan,Atanas Shishkov: post show meeting

News: Sledge Leather Project

Steve Hackett, Chris Squire: A Life Within A Day CD

Pat Metheny: Guitar Etudes (Book)

Frank Gambale: Return to Forever - The Mothership Returns (2 CD/1 DVD)*

Mike Stern: All Over the Place new CD

Dominic Miller: 5th House new CD

Kazumi Watanabe: Tricoroll new CD

Per Gade: Billy Cobham - Culture Mix

Marc Guillermont: Bill Evansin Mumbai 2012

t-cophony: Room17

Ian Crichton: Saga announce 20/20 album

Matias Kupiainen, Jens Johansson: Stratovarious DVD and Blu-Ray

Steve Howe: gets XXX with Asia, includes UK tour dates

News: Celebrate Guitat Noize 5th Birthday and win a T-Rex Gull Wah

Rick Graham: got the 12 bar blues

t-cophony: demos acoustic pickups on double neck tapping guitar

Sarah Longfield: Sea - original with custom Etherial guitar