Christian Muenzner: Obscura live in Tokyo 2012

Brett Stine: Haji's Kitchen - Twenty Twelve - Sidhartha

News: Suhr 80's Shred™ Neon Drip and Tiger Stripe

Rick Graham,Chris Brooks: Guest Solo with Chris Brooks

Kip Winger: confirmed a collection of live acoustic tour dates

Jani J Szentkiralyi,Atma Anur: New EP on the way

Joop Wolters: demos Bo-El Guitar

Sam Bell,Jakub Żytecki: join us at UK Tech Metal Fest 2012 - stunning line up

Mike Dawes: new acoustic tap

Jess Loomis: added to Sweetwater Gear Fest

Joe Bonamassa: Free Acoustic track

Danny Jones: on Facebook and Soundcloud

Guthrie Govan, Marco Sfogli, Daniele Gottardo: discuss practice regimes

Jason Becker: new album cover revealed: awe so cute moment :)

Robert Cray: UK tour starts end June 2012

Tommy Emmanuel: UK tour dates 2013