Ricardo Marins: trying Eric Johnson's 55 Strat-Ishibashi Music Japan

Ludovico Reale: -Kuassa Amplifikation One demo

Henri Aalto: Sweep picking ,tapping , legato

Jack Gardiner: funking Noodle

Steelianos: tribute to Manolis Chiotis,the most innovative,versatile,technical bouzouki player

Brian May: Star Date... 65

Eric Johnson: From Roma with Love

Eric Sous: Eclipse ( Original Song )

Richard Daudé: Vigier burndown

Lorenzo Venza: Pod HD 500 testing with Guthrie Govan BT as a sound check

Tom Quayle: AXE FX II... Sounds unreal!

Lee Wrathe: Contrapuntal String skips

The Commander-In-Chief: "Dropout" by The Commander-In-Chief

Jason Sadities: East Amplification demo

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John Scofield: July 1987: Still Warm - killer fusion