Joe Stump: 2004 Detroit

Juan Coronado: Dreaming Butterflies - live

Ian Bemolator: Peavey Wolfgang demoed and for sale

Paul Gilbert: Lick and rhythmic phrases

Rob Balducci: Single string licks lesson

Jeff Kollman, Gary Jibilian, Ronny North: live show at the Troubadour this Friday

Fidel De Jesus: Warblade - live

Davide Marrari: Anagramma CD available

Andy James: I Legion - Signs From Above

Matt Nevin,Gareth Dickie: Invictus Guitars UK EF8 - like a well oiled machine

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Piano Rock featuring Boss eBand JS-8

Gianni Rojatti: Dolcetti - Tribal performance video

Ola Englund: Seymour Duncan 59 demo

Mattias IA Eklundh: Workshop Simbach 2008

Remy Hansen: I kinda went crazy with Hungarian Minor!!!

Jess Lewis: Auctioning two signed Alex Hutchings and Guthrie Govan Fender Strats

Rick Graham: Axe Fx 2 - the RG#1 patch

Alessandro Benvenuti: with a small sample from new fusion track

Rob Favotto: Guitar sounds like Sitar !!!

Tom Quayle: Win Steve Vai Ibanez Jem 70V Guitar

Sam Coulson: Guitar Lesson spots available!

Guthrie Govan, Stuart Hamm, Atma Anur: Sevens - Jason Becker Festival held in Haarlem, NL