Yoshimitsu Murayama,Takayoshi Baba: Tom Quayle recommends... stop and listen!

Orianthi: Heaven in this hell coming soon..

Fred Brum: Wampler SLOstortion - no beards were hurt in the making of this video.

Nili Brosh,Courtney Cox: Iron Maidens The Slidebar 2012

Alex Lifeson: Rush and the Brian McCollum interview

Rafael Salzmann: Eluveitie and Wintersun US tour dates

Tommy Vitaly: live at Mash Up Festival 2012

Alex Turbé: spanking a nasty Ronald Swiss cheese guitar!

Inophis: Aria - Johann Sebastian Bach

Alex Hutchings: Deeply Awesome - Bangkok 2012

Matej Moravek: Fuze Jam and Oz Noy Blues

Petr Henych: Outside jam - great fusion style

Manu Allicot: tasty solo with tasty gear

Guthrie Govan: Docker's Guild: Douglas speaks about his career

Adam Ironside: Sweeps and double taps

Kermheat: Pony Style improvisation

Thiago Trinsi: Freak Country Live - crazy tapping licks!

James Ryan,Doug Steele: Sweep picking and crazy scale stuff

Antonello Giliberto: announces titles fro new album

Pedro Molina: Jamming on Sunny

Joe Bonamassa: Miss Smoke's HD delight's

Keith Merrow: Positive Grid ipad app giving Maximum CHUG

Dave Weiner : Tone King Monster backstage Interview

News: James Bond beaten over head with his own guitar!

Ned Evett: Looking Glass Blues - Glass necked Fretless Guitar

Rhett Butler: obsessive compulsive guitar maven

John McLaughlin: Every day, I discover something utterly unbelievable when I play

Chuck Berry: guitar stolen, three arrested.

Chris Austin Hadfield: Astronaut Plans Guitar Jams in Space

Steve Vai: Circular Vibrato Technique

Andy James: Steve Vai Style Guitar Performance

Paul Gilbert: Bass and Keyboard battles and a little Genesis

Alex Feather Akimov: Guitar Dubstep - Monsters Are Here!!

Paul Gilbert :en Valencia en La Ramblet

Mike Dawes: Candyrat's acoustic archer!