Victor Lafuente: Inside the new CD announced!

Martin Miller: Rock Revolution

Christopher Amott: live date announced

Christian Muenzner: Bodiless Sleeper Solo

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet (2012) - Pre Order!

Misha Mansoor: Periphery goes to Umea for a Toontrack Party with Meshuggah!

News: Marshall Rock Science game - awesome Christmas present !!

Alex Hutchings: awesome Yamaha and Laney Bangkok Music Fair 2012

Jeff Loomis: English Djentlemens Quarters interview

Neal Schon: Vince Tornado News Talk interview

Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock Live in Europe

Jens Johansson: Interview Stratovarius

Andreas Oberg: working with Girls Generation

Timo Somers: Delain benefit concert for Mara

Eric Johnson: limited supply of personally signed EJ Fuzz Faces

Marcin Duński: ball point pen portrait

Morgan Pettersson: fast picking stuff.

David Gilmour: In Concert' App Trailer

Marcelo Souza: Blues / Synth Improvisation with the GR-20

Alex Hutchings: GR-D and GR-S Roland pedal demos

Michael Dolce, Jon Bloomer: Aussies talking Legato technique

George Marios: Jammy Jams and available for lessons too!

Alex Hutchings,Soren Andersen,Jack Thammarat: Yamaha & Laney Bangkok Music Fair 2012