Fayeed Tan: GMC superb Hybrid Picking & Legato

Eric Calderone: Versus No One!! - New CD

Michael Thompson: Raw Vintage Pickups and EWS Fuzzy Drive

Allen Hinds: Xotic Guitar XS-2 '59 Burst, Allen Hinds Custom

Paul Sternquist: Dark Matter new CD

News: Squier Strat Guitar with USB with iOS Connectivity

Kermheat: Humanchico 2012 - double neck pony ride!

Arsafes: and Aleksandra - Above The Earth - The Answers

Sergey Golovin: Lepsky S8 Kemper Profiling Amplifier

Keith Merrow: JamUp Pro XT app for iOS

Ruggero Robin: EU4 Blue Note solo

Carl Roa: Guitar Lesson Instructional DVD

Andy Gillion: Gangnam Style Metal Remix

Ron Thal: The guest solos

David Wallimann: Fractal Audio Axe FX II - Fusion Smooth Funk

Paco Hernandez: Schecter Hellraiser C8 - Invincible

Brandon Morris: Martin Miller's Lick Challenge #1

Allan Holdsworth,Virgil Donati, Anthony Crawford: thanks to fans!

Francesco Filigoi: This is Abiogenesis ∝

Arnaud: Charvel Pro Stock DS-1 Black Metallic

Doug Steele: Diminished ideas for Metal/Shredheads

Fredrik Andersson: Hybrid Freak Division - Stratus

Jan Akkerman: Mezz Breda, Netherlands 2012

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Flying High - Melodic Freeway

Yngwie Malmsteen: buying $6000 guitar

News: Custom made flames guitar ceiling lamp

James Williams: 'Eclectic Shred' Features Symphony X and James Labrie Members

Mike Gianelli: 8 string alien invasion

Steve Vai: Ibanez, DiMarzio special meet and greet package for Sweden!

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass full performance

Leonardo Guzman: Sweaty Knockers - Cantalupe Island live

Allan Holdsworth, Anthony Crawford, Virgil Donati: Live in Netherlands 2012

Pete Sklaroff: Fusion Solo

Joe Pinnavaia: Allan Holdsworth Inspired Legato Session

Jonas Tamas: Conversion - original

Joe Satriani: Chickenfoot box set for Christmas anyone?

Paul Clark: I think a Clarky solo project is way over due

Lyle Watt: Dorian Funk Jam - Stunning!

Pete Sklaroff: working with the Diminished Scale

Frank Steffen Mueller: Another Way (Official video)

David Brewster: Terrestrial Planet new album

Ryan Daily: ESP Horizon 7 - EP available for download