Yngwie Malmsteen, Ethan Brosh, Nili Brosh: Metal Assault HOB gig review

Photos by Chad Alexander

[Ethan Brosh, Nili Brosh] Ethan’s performance was that he wasn't trying to show off too much of his guitar skills, and wasn't really trying to compete with or match up to Yngwie. It was very much his own thing, with a clear structure in the songs that highlighted the solos. He had his individual moments obviously, but I was digging the manner in which he combined with his sister Nili Brosh on guitar as well. I thought she kicked ass on the rhythms and dual leads with her beautiful red Ibanez guitar, and maybe they should do more of the dual lead stuff in their music. It sounded great and was fun to look at. 


[Yngwie Malmsteen] He throws out at least five picks during each song, and he seems to have even perfected the art of kicking out picks and throwing them from between his legs. He must carry thousands of picks for a full tour like this. His stage assistant probably is the hardest working roadie I’ve ever seen, having to catch Yngwie’s guitar when he throws it after each song, and constantly placing new sets of picks on the mic stand.