Al Joseph: Wastelands - 1 Track, 18 Pages of Tab over at Jam Track Central

1 Track, 18 Pages of Tab!

Al Joseph is one talented guitarist! And as can be seen by his 6 minute track Wastelands he is also a superb composer as well. This track seriously rocks and has an abundance of catchy riffs and progressions that show off exactly what Al is capable of with his axe. This guy has a huge career ahead of him.

Al even created the TAB and notation himself and there is a whopping 18 pages of it to learn here....enough to keep you going for a good long while!

Complete with the solo track, backing track, video performance and TAB you have all the tools required to master this track and learn from one of the most exciting young players on the scene right now! To check out the previews and purchase,

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