Emiliano Zapata: Ultimo Camino - great playthrough from new album

Jennifer Batten: Kickstarter - Forever Dangerous - Honoring the Legacy of Michael Jackson

Derryl Gabel: Funnels transcription and Skype lessons available

Tom Dumont: Grover Jackson of GJ2 Guitars dates for NAMM

News: MySpace resurrected - more social grief for Facebook

News: MI Audio unveiling Flex SmartAmp NAMM

Théo Hoarau: rock and fusion player from Reunion Island

Marcello Zappatore: Mama Zappless fretless guitar demo

Doug Steele: One Foot Out the Door solo

Andreas Sala: #MayonesDuncan competition - tasty solo

Miroslav Mirosavljev: now this is the kind of fusion I play!!

Steve Lukather: Transition Track By Track

Martin Miller: The Other End - new album release date announced

Cailyn Lloyd: Nocturne - performance video from new album

Joe Bonamassa: In Loving Memory of Claude Nobs

Jace Parales: #MayonesDuncan ripping solo

Stéphan Forté: Megadeth Lucretia solo

Panagiotis Chrysostomou: #MayonesDuncan competition

Isaac Lewis: #MayonesDuncan competition

Annie Grunwald: #MayonesDuncan - kick ass solo

Miroslav Mirosavljev: After the Rain - another excellent solo

Takakazu Nakamura: announces new release

Danilo Ciamprone: tribute to Fabrizio Bicio Leo

Espen Austestad: #MayonesDuncan competition

Jeff Loomis,Keith Merrow: on iPad Guitar.

Lorenzo Venza: Room 335

Riccardo Gioggi: A Theory of Dynamics

Julien Vonarb: Aurel - Time for a change - excellent rock fusion!

Bjorn Englen,Uli Jon Roth: live and NAMM shows

Mauricio Ruiz: #MayonesDuncan competition

Ignazio Di Salvo: Enrollments now open MMI MILAN 2013

Jarle H Olsen: Track from one of the best albums 2011

Billy Connally:#MayonesDuncan Solo Contest

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Slow Blues

Fred Brum: Toolshed - KxK Scale 7 - Jaden Rose - last before NAMM

News: Al Murray Supports National Learn to Play Day