Mike Dawes,Thomas Leeb: Invite you to Austria!

Rick Graham: The Rapid-Fire Pentatonic Picking Pattern One

Milan Polak: Tracking Guitars Song #12

Jennifer Batten: Jackson classics 2013 NYE with Hit Machine

Rebecca Scammon: Shreddelicious interview

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue - Pre-Order Merch Bundles

Silvio Gazquez,Santiago Pagura, Alejandro Abellan, Juan Cortés, Angel Ruiz: Summer of Love

Morgan Reid: GuitarOnSky II Guitar Solo Competition

Dave Reffett,Michael Angelo Batio: in the studio to record for Intermezzo release

Frank Steffen Mueller: Knaggs Guitars "Keya" Tier2 Demo

Al Joseph: Sun Devils solo - great legato technique

Lari Basilio: Land Of The Month March - lesson

Richie Kotzen: three excellent HD videos of Richie live!

Marc Guillermont: Tribute To Tony Williams "Fred" - awesome fusion band

PJ d'Atri: Set for Timber Tones at Musikmesse 2013

Dave Sharman: Hunger - from new album 'Evolution Machine'

Andrew Jay: Paganini-16th Caprice

Allen Hinds: lucky for us - Baked Potato on Feb 13, 2013

Alex Stornello: live clinic - great fusion!

Joe Marro: progressive metal fusion soloing lessons

Sam Bell: hybrid legato lesson

Jax Richardson: F Lydian Legato Lesson

Don Lappin: How To Play - Captain's Lady - two handed magic

Allan Holdsworth,Virgil Donati: Mumbai - Fred 2011

Aleksandar Sukovic: 8-finger tapping lesson

Rob Marcello: Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth Musikmesse 2011

Marco Sfogli: Jester's Tears,Andromeda live clinic

Rabea Massaad, Rob Chappers: Dorje - Aeromancy live

Brian Maillard: Wickedness - clinic of joy

Guthrie Govan,Phil X: Live at The Boileroom in Guildford

Alex Hutchings, Jack Thammarat: jamming for

Kim Stenberg: Suhr - Shred Nonsense