Rick Graham: rocking jazz improvisation on the slick pink

Maycown Reichembach, Fernando Pareta, Felipe Staiti: Argentina's Guitar Experience 2013

Michael Lee Firkins: recording YEP at Prairie Sun Studios

Steve Vai,Dweezil Zappa,Joe Travers: Joe surprises Steve - perfect! :)

Ron Thal,Doug Aldrich,Tommy Denander: KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute Album - raise money for cancer hospice

Phil X: NAMM 2013 and Bon Jovi

Daniele Liverani: Dream League Raid

Jan Laurenz: Greensleeves - Domra with Y.J Malmsteen inspired arpeggio

Frank Gambale,Jimmy Earl,Tom Coster,Alain Rieder: Live in Zurich (Switzerland), 1992

Morten Faerestrand: Chick Blues - live band

Vivien Lalu,Simone Mularoni,Virgil Donati,Mike LePond: Martin LeMar joins Lalu on the Atomic Ark!

Fabrizio Leo, Marco Sfogli,Rocco Zifarelli: join Mark World at the Musikmesse 2013

Rowan J Parker: Scorching Alternate Picking Lick!

Hans Van Even: The Two handed Flight of the Belgian Bumble bee - Must see version!

Billy Sheehan: Advanced Bass Lesson on Economy of Motion

William Stravato: Announces a live date

Daniele Gottardo,Gretchen Menn,Kirsten Menn: in the studio to record for Daniele's upcoming release

Osamu Marumoto: Missing You legato solo section

Max Dible: Jason Becker Practice Journal 03

Michael Dolce: Axe fx 2 Patches

Franck Graziano: Poppy Street - Odyssy

Michael Schenker: Rock Bottom+ Moscow 2013

Frank Gambale,Jimmy Earl,Tom Coster,Alain Rieder: Live in Zurich (Switzerland), 1992