Greg Howe: Maragold - "Evergreen is Golder" Semi-Unplugged

Juninho Silva: Mayones and Keith Merrow - better late than never! Awesome soloing alert!

Sarah Michelle: Tightrope SRV - Positive Grid JamUp Pro XT

Andy James: EMG - ESP Eclipse Elite Demo

Gregorio Manenti: Santiago solo section - Fractal Axe Fx II

Thiago Trinsi: The French Guitar Contest 2013 - Epic Tapping

Ricardo Walls: my tribute to Jason Becker Tribute

Steven Wilson, Guthrie Govan: The Watchmaker live in Neu-Isenberg 2013

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Super Smooth Jams on Bo Diddley and Sunshine Boulevard

Dimitar Nalbantov: Amplitube 3 Carvin Amp, Ibanez with DiMarzio Gravity Storm

Joop Wolters: Jam on a Rick Graham backing track

John Norum,Tone Norum: Unplugged tour dates 2013

Feodor Dosumov,Farko Dosumov: The Genius and Genesis of the Dosumov Brothers

Nikola Kolar: Ibanez solo competition

Jon Neto: Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition - classy

Vinci Bluesky: Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013

Godlief Rafael: Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013

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Marionne Infante: Waves Of Shred competition

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