Riccardo Gioggi: Dreamt 11 - performance playthrough

Jan Bertil Pool: legato combined with fingerstyle

Jan Laurenz: Canzone per un amico - with little black cat guest star

Nicholas Llerandi: Seymour Duncan Benedetto S-6 Jazz Guitar Pickup

Andy James: Mystery song - Look Ma No Tats! Four from Music Live 2007

Ulrich Schadeck: hot solo from What We Live For by Rouge United

Bernie Marsden: plays 'The Beast', his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Drew Henderson: J.S. Bach - 8-string classical - Jason Becker - Wow! So beautiful and flowing!

Jasun Tipton: Abnormal Thought Patterns videos in the works

Masato Itoh: two hands over the neck - Bomberman

Rob Scallon: The Process of Getting to Know You - classy two handed tapping

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Daniele Raciti: cutting the funk

News: Legendary 'Dutch Woodstock Double CD/DVD Set available

Andy Gavin: tribute to Dio

Rémi Nicouleau: time to jam jazz fusion

Chris Gordon: Steely Dan inspired - Red jam Special

Ben Badenhorst: AfroGroovy jam

Tina S: EVH goes viral - 5.5 million views in 10 days

Mario Espinosa: Guthrie Govan "Sevens"

Michael Hermes: Guthrie Govan "Fives" - 12 year old killing it! Burn your guitar time

Ossi Maristo,Saku Maristo: Hang 11 - classy performance