Brent Mason: Wampler Pedals Summer NAMM 2013

Ethan Brosh: Jason Saulnier Interview

Piotrek Gruszka,Sithu Aye,Plini,Waldemar Dawidek: Widek - Aurora Borealis and Multiverse

Harrison Gross: ripping tribute to Jason Becker

Maxxxwell Carlisle: Full Metal Thunder - shredding to the Maxxx

T-Model Ford: 94 year old blues man passes. RIP

Niko Tsonev: Ribbon Wound

Victor Smolski: 'Two Orchestral Symphonies'

Mike Campese: New Cd coming soon!

Marco Sfogli: Jame LaBrie - Back On The Ground - sounding awesome - time to pre order

Polina Slavskaya: if you wanna date a musician be ready for this - Hollow Mirror

Stephane Lucarelli: 25 Jazz Fusion Licks

Dreamfullofzen: the art of the high speed crafty wrist shaker

Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd: The Rides - Can't get enough album ready!

David Wallimann: Fusion Shred Lick

Andrew Timothy: Modes of the Major Scale: A Harmonic Approach - Lesson Package

Guthrie Govan: Complete album, Official album backings, Accurate TAB and notation! buy me now!!

George Lynch: Big Noize 2013 series

Zakk Wylde: Mini Guitars of Doom - Christmas comes early?

James Morgan: Dialog Project progressive rock fusion band