Andrea Accorsi: Greg Howe Style Guitar Solo Outside Phrasing

Cameron Allen: summer sun - Sleepless Minor Blues

Hussein Haddad: Dreamer #12001 - Prototype 1,2,3

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Cyber Moon PV

Tomo Fujita,Matt Schofield,Yoshiaki Imahori: live appearances from the ever classy Tomo

Daniel Realpe: Within the Hour - the new album from Within the Hour

Toby Knapp: Static Warfare - the new album from Shred Guy Records

Allen Van Wert: Hyper blues soloing, gets bluer than expected

Martin Miller: You Too - A Free Download is only available for a limited time

News: Just Jam Fusion 20 jam tracks to burn away the summer sun!

News: OEDb - comprehensive online education directory for both free and for-credit learning options

Michael Dolce: Gear talk and open day announced for New South Wales

Adien Fazmail: Mushroom Part II and Arctic Roll

Richie Kotzen: Days of Thunder

Marc Meesters: Friends live - preview for the new Scarescone album

Alex Machacek,Eddie Jobson,Virgil Donati,John Wetton: UK: Confirm line-up for Cruise To The Edge 2014

Steve Howe: Trio tour dates

Franck Ribiere: You're a Guitar Teacher, then this website is for you!

Alex Machacek,Gary Husband: Miraverse talk about Manifold Studios in NC on the piano/guitar duet album

Ritchie Blackmore: Rainbow - Spotlight Kid

Samuli Federley: T.E.N & Friends Contest

Rick Graham: 4p+ ---> 1He+2 + 2e+ + 2ne + energy - that's fusion right there folks!

Jason Becker,Joviana Marques: super tribute organised by the artist Joviana for Jason Becker

Martin Goulding: Live4Guitar interview and lesson

News: and when it all comes to the end... immortalise yourself in an LP...

Hedras Ramos: announces South American Clinic tour

Felix Martin,Marco Minnemann: Spam II - stunning two handed double neck tapper's new album up for pre order!