Brennan Dylan: Men Without Armies to release The self titled EP in Spring 2014

Rowan J Parker: Improvisation - Jammin' On The Infinite

Jack Gardiner: Legato Licks and Ideas from his new website

Conrad Simon: A new project inspired by the Mi'kmaq mythology and fantastic/horror films

Daniele Gottardo: recording session of the upcoming album

Marta Witiw: Elegy Of Fear - original composition from a talented musician and soloist.

Jon Gomm: Secrets Nobody Keeps On-Line Album Launch In Support of ChapELFM

Nita Strauss: Name the guitars - and they're Ibanez won't cut it!

Guthrie Govan: Masterclasses announced for Indonesia

Koke Benavides: Octopus - Off Limits - super crunchy metal - enjoy

Kazumi Watanabe,Jeff Berlin,Virgil Donati: snippet of what you'll at the live show.

Ron Thal,I Wayan Balawan: Bumblefoot jams at the Jakarta Blues Festival with guest solo from two handed master I Wayan Balawan,

David Gilmour: on Drums!