Rod DeGeorge: Guitar Lessons via Skype

News: Production of all Cornford amplifiers and cabinets ceased production

Gabriele Cianfrani: HandEye Family - G.I.G. Fusion Trio - Fred (Allan Holdsworth cover)

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: Young Guitar Japan cover - is that an X I see before me, is this an omen?!?!

Andres Ludmer: Meshuggah Bleed beat the metronome

Per Nilsson: new signature guitar - 27 frets, True Temperament, Strandberg

Sarah Longfield: M74 play through with Steve Meyer

Andrew Jay: Universe - an original piece, play through demoing techniques

Tony MacAlpine: interview on Guitar International - new album on the way

Andres Ludmer: J.S. Bach Prelude in E major - excellent version!

Andy James: I am now officially endorsed by DV Mark!