David Furrevig,Misha Mansoor: Being - Anthropocene - flying off the shelves like hot cakes!

Pete Cottrell: Eleventh Hour - like 11 rounds with Vitali Klitschko

Doug Steele: If this teaches you anything, it's to not post yourself jamming on the guitar drunk

Dean Murphy: Life/Video Update xmas 2013

Max Ridgway,Cheryl Pyle: Kazhargan World - Waiting 4 Xmas

Andy Gillion: time to Shred with Jesus

Terry Syrek: Machine Elves will be working over time this Christmas... rescue one and put it in a good home!

Simone Dow: Voyager needs your help to say "I am Voyager" and be a part of finishing album number V.

Li-sa-X: Racer X - Scarified - Japanese 8 year old ripping it up again!

Rati Prachayanuporn: Exivious guitar solo contest

Bugra Sisman: Exivious Guitar Contest

Ben Eller: Exivious Entrust solo contest

Markus Neuwirth: Exivious - Entrust Solo Contest

Seth Rosenbloom: Exivious Entrust Solo