Lorenzo Venza,John Macaluso: TBP All Stars - Is For You live

Aaron Marshall,Lukas Guyader: Intervals "Ephemeral"

Jan Laurenz: Dear Santa thanks to bring me a Harpejji

Xander Demos: Xander and XDB bandmates lead all nominees in the 2013 Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards

Dave Brons: String Skipping Scale Fragments lesson Paul Gilbert John Petrucci Style

Brett Garsed: Ziua Chitarelor 2 Complete Masterclass

Joe Satriani,Dave Martone: SatchZone interview lesson series

Kiko Loureiro: Trio announce upcoming shows in the USA!

Pedro Miranda: Exivious Guitar Solo contest

Tomo Fujita: Slow Funky Slap Guitar

Denis Shvarts: Galaxy Depth - Obscurophagist - live solo

I Wayan Balawan: two handed, double neck guitar live performance

t-cophony: introduction to this two handed tapping phenomenon