Sam Bell,Sam Bell: Racer X Tribute

Sam Bell

So this afternoon whilst catching up with a load of lesson planning and going slightly mad. I was listening to some Racer X and I had this idea floating around so I fired up the computer on and came up with this fun little tribute to Racer X enjoy!

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Racer X Tribute

This is a tribute to some of my biggest guitar influences. A huge thank you to Scott Stine, Brett Stine, Derek Taylor, Derek Blakley and Max Dible for all the help and inspiration. I highly recommend checking out these players and all their work. This tune 'Psycho from Texas' is from Scott Stines solo record 'Broke' which is on Shrapnel Records. You can find downloadable video lessons from Scott Stine and Derek Taylor at

I wanted my cover to be an interpriation of the original tune, I changed some of the drum grooves around. I also wanted to keep the tone and performance raw and very organic sounding. I hope you enjoy!

'Psycho from Texas' by Scott Stine & Derek Taylor - Cover by Sam Bell