Claudio Pietronik: Hybrid Picking Series - Lick #2

John Waldefeldt: Yngwie Malmsteen - Vengeance - 11 years old

Miroslav Mirosavljev: 365th Daily Solo - one whole year of solos - Happy Birthday!

Ryan Knight: Guitar Messenger - In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me

Stéphan Forté: Ibanez RG Premium in the capable hands of Adagio lead axe man

Samuli Federley: An arrangement of Aquarium - Camille Saint-Sanes - excellent performance playthough

Tom Quayle: Pop Groove Jam - Tom Quayle - free backing track

Jan Laurenz: new composition on reso uke

Richie Kotzen: Demos the DiMarzio Twang King Neck & The Chopper T Bridge Pickups

Marcelo Paganini: French-Brazilian Guitar Virtuoso Marcelo Paganini with Two Behind The Scenes Videos Featuring Jazz Legends Deodato and Gary Husband

Allan Holdsworth: Leverkusen 2010 Full Footage

Doug Steele,James Ryan, Ben Quirk,Dean Wells: Beer of the night - mates night jam session!

Simone Caputo Atzori: Classic Alternate picking E Blues Lick on E7#9

Mistheria,Alberto Rigoni: Vivaldi ALL-STARS Metal Project

Uli Jon Roth,Michael Angelo Batio, Roy Z, Craig Goldy, Doug Aldrich: Extreme Cream - An All Star Dedication To The Original Supergroup

Yossi Sassi: quits Orphaned Land

Tom Quayle: 51 Killer Fusion Licks You Must Learn DVD - 2 DVD Set

Dave Reffett: announces Master Classes at Rock Art Metal School in Mexico City

Fanalo Alaux: Earthquake Backing Tracks

News: New Website Showcases Rotosound Strings And More

Ily Mark: Pro Series - Dimitar Nalbantov,Fountainhead were my musical influences on this album

Mark Edwards: announces NAMM appearance

Lee Wrathe: Jazz licks Fender Coronado

Júlio Stotz: "Suspended In Reverie" is set to be released on January 12th, 2014

Fred Brum: will be demoing the Aristides 070 at NAMM booth #3394

Zakk Wylde: Black Label Society’ brand new album - Catacombs of the Black Vatican

Lalle Larsson: mega news update - lots of new music on the way

Greg Howe: Kick it all Over 1998 - Full HD

Tom Quayle, George Marios: Nemesis Guitar School announce clinic date for the dynamic duo of T42