Brandon Morris,Brendon Williams,David McDaniel: Travail - Sense of Gravity - check out Trichotillomania 11 out of 10

Christian Muenzner,Per Nilsson: mixing Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Sam Bell: Ibanez Universe Jam - pushing on towards 4000 subscribers!

Jason Becker: Seymour Duncan - Perpetual Burn Pickup - kilotons of killer tone!

Jay Parmar: Lynch Lycks 12 - George Lynch, Dokken, Lynch Mob feel!

Brian Carroll: Bucketheadland - the Frankensteins monsters blinds - one more from the factory

Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis: Conquering Dystopia (Loomis and Merrow)- Guitar Clinic Outtakes at Nevada Music, Portsmouth UK

Ben Badenhorst: Unicorn Happiness - new album available

News: Weird Guitars and Gear - handpicked collections from

Allan Holdsworth: Brick By Brick San Diego California 2013

Rick Graham: Jam with Rick Graham - My new DVD!

Shane Gibson, Thomas Lang: stOrk's Broken Pieces gets a release date!

Alberto Rigoni: Preview of Alusonic Alberto Rigoni Hybrid Signature bass

Vicente Amigo: testing his new signature guitars - one of the best flamenco talents

Andrea Maccianti: "AtmoOne" - tasty playing over a drone

Benya Barshai: Cosmos - free download on soundcloud