Paul Gilbert,Li-sa-X: Paul responds to Li-Sa X after her 1.9 million view Racer X hits the headlines!

Richard Daudé: one hand noodle on a new guitar... but which guitar?

Dewa Budjana: Capistrano Road - Dedicated to Allan Holdsworth

James Theobald: Long indulgent lead guitar solo in E Dorian flavor - creamy rock fusion soloing

News: Two Weeks Until the Biggest Ever National Learn To Play Day in the UK

Thomas Lang,Shane Gibson: Broken pieces - VK Lynne icing on the cake!

Allan Holdsworth: Group play some awesome fusion on a track called E Tune

Roman Rouzine, Arnaud: NeoGeofanatic jam session with Duality in Darkness

Hassan Hajdi: a master-class with the master - great legato playing in this snippet