Pierre Danel,Max Michel: Kadinja - Henry Call Mash Yes

Joe Chawki: jammin out a lick with Babia Majora - the insanity of licks continues... dare you return?

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - The Miskatonic Scale - the releases keep coming

Neil Zaza: Carvin NZ624 signature guitar discussed in detail

Steven Wilson: a chance to win Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter and 2 VIP Passes to Steven's concert

Rodrigo Tabare: Shredding some funk solos

Steeves Austin,Vicente Amigo: Flamencore - flamenco metal mashup

Nick Johnston,Bryan Beller,Marco Minnemann: into the studio to track guitar parts for Nick's 3rd record!

Sam Bell, Jakub Żytecki, Felix Martin: DispersE, Mask of Judas and 14-string guitarist - UK Tech-Metal in London

Paul Gilbert,Filipe Paiva: Little Wing - Brazilian Tour.

Ai Onuma, Daisuke Kunita,Isao Fujita: AI Dentity Project

Paul Gilbert,Alexandre Bicudo: jam over Jimi Hendrix Little Wing

Reece Fullwood: set to release EP

Walter Trout: The Story - The Nebraska Medical Center

Kazumi Watanabe,Jeff Berlin,Virgil Donati: Spinning Globe (Import)

Dennis Chambers,Scott Henderson, Brian Auger, Stanley Jordan: Groove and More

Tetsuo Sakurai,Kazumi Watanabe: Jaco Tribute Band - It's A Jaco Time

Akira Wada: Prism - Mode CD/DVD (Import)

Jimmy Earl,Mike Miller,Scott Kinsey: Jimmy Earl: Renewing Disguises

Xander Demos: working on new instrumental project

Jason Becker, Marty Friedman: Marty talks about the collaboration with Jason on the new track Horrors!

Martin Miller,Federico Malaman: Gruv Gear booth at Musikmesse 2013

Anouck André,Federico Malaman: Gruv Gear booth at Musikmesse 2013

Irene Ketikidi: at the Gruv Gear NAMM 2014 booth

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: Las Vegas ripping it up with the Sin City Sinners

Lari Basílio: plays two excellent songs opening for Paul Gilbert!

Robbert Hanenberg: Soloing over Beautiful Goodbye - sizzling solo work

Yasi Hofer: plus live band - Quest - another stunning live performance

Marty Friedman: Finding Your Path to Musical Individuality

Marty Friedman,Gus G,Herman Li: Symptom of the Universe