Dimitar Nalbantov: Loong from the new album Gora

Thiago Campos: Puzzled by Bad Salad - great video!

João Luzio: Genuine & Odd Distractions - the new album available\

Scott LePage,Tim Henson,Nick Johnston: Polyphia's "Champagne", from their upcoming album 'Muse

Vinnie Moore: Red Zone Rider - 'By The Rainbow's End"

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen - Ranks Of The Terrified - Cooking with Pagans! Preorder! Goody Goody!

Robin Burrows: playing the intro to one his tracks - tasty fusion

Rebecca Scammon: FMaj7 Tapping Lesson

Frank Steffen Mueller: Guitar Solo Contest 2014

Gus Drax: Altitudes tribute to Jason Becker

Doug Aldrich: SteamRoller European Tour - Sept. 2014

Jack Gardiner: High Impact Guitar Warm Up

John Petrucci, Tom Quayle: Remembering Dream Theater's Complex Songs & Guitar Parts

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas - Guitar Messenger - Design Lesson

Marco Sfogli: Ibanez S5527-TKS - Never Forgive Me

Rick Graham: Improvising with some cleaner tones

Steve Hunter: Tone Poems Live DVD

Dimitar Nalbantov: Gora - the new album available.

Panos Arvanitis: Lick of the week #015 Neoclassical Etude

Guthrie Govan, Brian Beller, Marco Minnemann: Bass/Drums Transcriptions/Tab/Backing Tracks For "Culture Clash" Available NOW!

Xander Demos: music is being featured in the new Facebook game

Devin Townsend: reveals Z² details & announces special Royal Albert Hall performance

George Harrison: the first six solo albums remastered from the original analogue masters