Stéphan Forté, Andy James: Enigma Black Opera

Kelly Appleton: Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix - performance video from all girl band

Rob Chapman,Rabea Massaad: Utopian Guitar Dream - Guitar Clinics UK

Hassan Hajdi: "Le ballon de Billy" great live solo

Rick Graham: Ricks Quick But Slick Q&A Session

Richard Daudé: Melodic Fusion solo Lydian X - 3 takes

Tom Quayle: You Rock MIDI Guitar

Chris Brooks, Brett Garsed,Lord Tim: In and Out of Dreams

Nate Lopez: Ab Tire - EMGtv - .strandberg*

Bryan Baker: Aphotic - coming up to ten-year anniversary

Dennis Martensson: "Zeno" - Official Guitar Playthrough

Juninho Afram: Palco Roland - Expomusic 2014

Edu Ardanuy: Palco Audio Premier - Expomusic 2014

Gustavo Di Padua:Palco NIG - Expomusic 2014

Ozielzinho: Broken Vase Expomusic 2014 - 3 cameras angles performance