Rob Marcello: GJ2 Arete v1 1 2 demo

Allan Marcus: .strandberg* guest solo for Nic Grobolsek - killer licks

Keven Eknes: Alex Argento - Synchronal Steps - what ear training can do

Bugra Sisman: JS Bach suite III BWV 995 Prelude

Christian Muenzner,Danny Tunker,Morean: Alkaloid - About "C-Value Enigma" - a tribute to Shawn Lane Kaiser Nancarrow?

Steven Wilson, Guthrie Govan: Hand Cannot Erase - Artwork and Packaging

Kelly Simonz: "Allegro Maestoso" Holy Winter Live in KAGAOSHIMA

Jason Sadites: A Minor lick to give the finger a workout

Kiko Loureiro: Angra - backstage warm up before São Paulo show

Akihiko Onji: .strandberg* - Boden OS 7 - Improvisation - Hey T Bone in super two handed sty;e

Slash: to be honoured with the Les Paul Award at the NAMM TEC awards