Andy James: Diary Of Hells Guitar - Lesson Part 1 of 9

Derek Taylor, Brett Stine: The Whiskey Jam - oh the insanity - Christmas came early!

John Kiefer: Tallis' Canon - 1561 Thomas Tallis

Lorenzo Venza: Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 sansamp video demo

Andre Tonelli: Scale Sequence - breaking out of the Groups of Four

Lucas Zembrzuski: hybrid jam over ubiqitous funky backing track

Rob Balducci: Band - Live Bowery Electric Japan

Martin Andres,Matt Shaheen: Pomegranate Tiger - New Breed.

Laura Klinkert: endorses Jim Dunlop Guitar Products

João Luzio, Gonçalo Pereira: P.A.T.CH great track from Genuine & Odd Distractions

Michael Angelo Batio, Courtney Cox: Heads up for the 8th Annual NAMM Metal Jam!

Antonello Giliberto, Dino Fiorenza: First day light a the Monastery - crazy bass for the new album

Millisa Henderson: Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time Is Here - as arranged by Steve Vai

Scott Gailor: Technicolor/Monochrome - Kickstarter fundraiser for instrumental album

Marga Abejo, Jenny de Vera, Angelica Vinculado: Triple Fret - 3 Girls, 6 Hands, 1 Guitar