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  GROOVEYARD RECORDS - "Best Of" (Volume One) (GYR100)

An awesome collection of 15 killer heavy guitar rock tracks compiled from the Grooveyard Records catalog. This special disc lands as an excellent musical document that represents what the Grooveyard is all about. Includes mega-awesome Guitar Rock tracks/riffage by BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND, JOHNNY HUNKINS, JAY JESSE JOHNSON, GUITAR PETE, BLINDSTONE, MOUNTAIN OF POWER w/ JOHN NORUM, VINCE HAWKINS & COMPANY SLAVE, DIRTY DAVE OSTI, PLANKTON, CRAIG ERICKSON, BRYCE JANEY, TONY SPINNER, GUGUN POWER TRIO, SKY HIGH featuring CLAS YNGSTROM & GREG KOCH.

An awesome collection of 15 killer heavy guitar rock tracks compiled from the Grooveyard Records catalog. This special disc lands as an excellent musical document that represents what the Grooveyard is all about. Includes mega-awesome Guitar Rock tracks/riffage. Buy any disc from Grooveyard and get this one free.

GROOVEYARD RECORDS - "Best Of" (Volume Two) (GYR120)

This awesome heavy guitar rocker features 15 outstanding tracks of bad-ass Grooveyard Records riffage/mojo that represent what we are all about. Pure unadulturated brain-damaging killer blues-based guitar rock excellence. Welcome to the superb GROOVEYARD RECORDS: "BEST OF" (Volume Two) Disc.

JAY JESSE JOHNSON - "Set The Blues On Fire" (GYR137)

Outstanding 5th studio disc by this awesome blues/rock guitar axeslinger from Indiana. 12 tracks of top-shelf, world-class, powerful, dynamic, ass-kickin', blues-based guitar rock excellence. Combining strong songs and amazing musicianship, complete with an excellent sonic production, it all adds up to create an incredible, sophisticated, memorable blues/rock guitar experience.

CRAIG ERICKSON - "Sky Train Galaxy" (GYR138)

Excellent new studio disc by this awesome, gifted blues/rock axeslinger from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Featuring 11 tracks of top-shelf, dynamic, soul-powered, blues-based, retro-70s guitar rock mojo of world class proportions. An outstanding guitar rocker that is full of depth, soul and blues power. Craig Erickson is a true, authentic "old-school" guitar hero.

BRYCE JANEY - "Delta Road" (GYR139)

Awesome 10th studio solo disc by this superb blues/rock axeslinger from Iowa - 11 tracks of top-shelf, world-class, organic, retro-fied, soul-powered, way-kool, blues/rock guitar music guaranteed to rock your damn blues away. "Delta Road" is premium-blend, southern-fried, blues-based guitar rock mojo at it's finest and Brother Bryce is a serious, bad-ass, axe-slingin' son of a gun.

MIKE ONESKO'S GUITAR ARMY - "In The Name Of Rock N' Roll" (GYR131)

On his incredible new disc, Onesko is a true riffmaster general who has assembled an ultimate Guitar Army to fight the good fight and Keep the Flame Alive "In The Name Of Rock N' Roll." Onesko's Guitar Army consists of an unstoppable bulletproof platoon of mega-awesome special guest guitar rock soldiers: Bruce Bouillet (Racer X), Brett Ellis, Dirty Dave Osti, Martin J. Andersen (Blindstone), Janne Stark (Mountain Of Power), Jay Jesse Johnson (B.B.B.), Craig Erickson, Doug Rappoport & Special Ops Rock God Vocalist Jeff Martin (Racer X/Badlands). All contribute their fierce guitar rock power to Keep the Rock Alive and win the war against musical mediocrity with six-string weapons of mass destruction.

MARTIN J. ANDERSEN - "Six String Renegade" (GYR132)

Phenomenal first solo studio disc by this amazing gifted guitarist/vocalist from Denmark, best known as the prolific leader/founder of the awesome power trio: Blindstone. Ten tracks of outstanding, world-class, powerful, killer, retro-sonic, blues-based, total heavy guitar excellence that lands down hard with exceptional musical brilliance. Rock solid to the core as a solo artist, Andersen has achieved true guitar rock greatness on the aptly titled, amazing beyond belief "Six String Renegade" disc. From start to finish, he kicks our asses hard with his brain-damaging brand of high-voltage, electrified, guitar rock riffage/mojo & an excellent mix of vocal + instrumental tracks.

BLINDSTONE - "Live In Denmark" (GYR133)

Grooveyard Records is proud to present the Mega-awesome sixth disc by this mind-blowing heavy guitar power trio from Denmark featuring the incredible Martin J. Andersen on guitar & vocals. 11 tracks of outstanding, brain-damaging, over-the-top, bad-ass, blues-based, retro-sonic, guitar rock awesomeness that weighs heavy on the big, electric power trio jam:factor. On the amazing "Live In Denmark" disc, Blindstone dig deep into a remarkable set of awesome beyond belief originals plus several way-kool cover tracks by Jimi Hendrix, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush with a stellar version of "Land Of 1000 Nights" (captured live for the 1st time on this disc) - it all defies six string gravity!

FOUR STICKS - "Electric Celebration" (GYR135)

Excellent debut studio disc by this outstanding hard rock band from Sweden featuring 12 tracks of awesome, dynamic, blues-based, retro-70s, classic rock mojo that lands way-kool beyond belief. From start to finish, the "Electric Celebration" disc is a remarkable, timeless, bluesy hard rock masterpiece of world-class proportions. Four Sticks is a Swedish Rock super-group that features incredible, soul-powered rock vox accompanied by outstanding, talented players who combine to create a truly kick-ass memorable sound - experience true hard rock bliss with the superb Four Sticks "Electric Celebration" disc. An essential Swedish hard melodic rocker.

JOHNNY HUNKINS - "Down In Flames" (GYR127)

Outstanding 2nd studio disc by this awesome axeripper featuring excellent, high-adrenaline, classic guitar rock mojo of brain-damaging proportions. This is Hunkins' finest musical hour, an essential, highly entertaining, dynamic, melodic, blues-based, hard-rocker that includes Special Guests: Derek St. Holmes & Jarrod England on vocals, Chris Duarte on guitar, Dirty Dave Osti on guitar & vocals, Tony Franklin on bass and Ryan Hoyle on drums. A superb, killer, six string-fueled musical ride that will rock your world "Down In Flames".

AMERICAN MAFIA - "Rock N' Roll Hit Machine" (GYR128)

Awesome debut studio disc featuring top-shelf, world-class, dynamic, blues-based, retro-70s, Melodic Classic Rock. The brain-child of Tom Jude (guitar) & Freddy Villano (bass), American Mafia are joined by Bobby Marks (drums) & a way-kool, impressive cast of outstanding rock vocalists lending their talents: John West, Jimmy Kunes, Don Chaffin, Mike DiMeo, Ed Terry & David Knight. American Mafia land rock solid on this outstanding disc & make you a nice round deal you can't refuse in this killer display of memorable, radio-friendly, classic, hard rock excellence.

BULLFROG - "Clearwater" (GYR129)

Way-kool 4th studio disc from this awesome power trio from Italy featuring 11 tracks of bad-ass, killer, blues-based, old-school, legit, heavy guitar rock mojo that will kick your ass & trip your brain hard. Bullfrog dig deep & lay their musical burdens down on the excellent "Clearwater" disc that features a vast array of classic, dynamic riffage and includes Special Guest Axemaster Jimi Barbiani on the "title" track. An essential, mega-70s-inspired, retro-sonic, vintage power trio rocker.

SOUL SHINE SOCIETY - "Back Where You Belong" (GYR130)

Excellent 2nd studio disc by this way-kool hard rock band from Finland featuring 10 tracks of awesome, dynamic, blues-based, retro-organic, 70s-inspired, classic melodic guitar rock that burns & shines brightly. Tune in and get "Back Where You Belong" with REAL soul-powered truth & become part of the Soul Shine Society musical experience. A superb slice of world class rock n' roll mojo for your soul.

BRETT ELLIS - "Reflections Of Electrified Music" (GYR122)

A Mega-awesome collection of incredible guitar rock mojo by supreme axemaster Brett Ellis. Includes 13 tracks of blistering-hot, intense, bad-ass, killer, rippin', blues-based heavy guitar power trio riffage that will blow your mind & rock your world. Brett Ellis is an amazing, gifted guitarist who speaks the six string truth through his instrument as he unleashes an explosive, relentless dose of serious musical mayhem. With powerful heavy riffage and brain-damaging in-your-face rippin' leads, Ellis takes us to the Outskirts of Infinity and Beyond.
STONE MACHINE - "Rock Ain't Dead" (GYR123)

Killer 3rd studio disc by this excellent, blues-based, hard rock band from WV featuring 11 tracks of awesome, dynamic, retro 70s, Southern-inspired guitar rock mojo that lands down hard on solid ground. Stone Machine features the incredible Jason Mays on vocals & Dirk "Riffmaster" Blevins on guitar. Both of these good musical brothers deliver a righteous set of kick-ass, vintage Rock n' Roll on this authentic, old-school, powerful slice of way-kool, Classic Rock. Real Rock Ain't Dead; it Lives and Breathes Sonic Fire in the form of these retro-fied Stone Machine riff:rockers.
PEBBLEMAN - "Call Of Fate" (GYR125)

Outstanding 4th studio disc by this killer heavy guitar rock band from South Africa featuring 10 tracks of awesome, powerful, dynamic, blues-based, retro-sonic guitar rockin' mojo that kicks serious six string ass & truly defines superb hard rock excellence. The classic quartet line-up features soul-powered rock vocal god Jesse Jordan & Richard Pryor on guitar, an incredible bad-ass axeripper who is a high-adrenaline Strat-O-Delic force to be reckoned with. Complete with superb songs full of depth, maturity & soul and jam-packed with world-class heavy guitar rock mojo.
SNAKE HEAD RITUAL - "Self-Titled" (GYR105)

Way-kool debut studio disc by this bad-ass, killer hard rock band from Toledo, Ohio featuring 10 tracks of excellent, straight-up, powerful, blues-based, retro-fied, melodic Classic Rock mojo that will kick your ass & rip the roof off your good rock n' roll jam:house. The Snake Head Ritual disc is an awesome slab of hard-driving, no-frills, ass-kickin', pure rock fury complete with strong, memorable songs full of depth, maturity & heavy rock mojo. Snake Head Ritual are true Rock N' Roll saviors on a Mission to Keep the Rock alive.
GUGUN POWER TRIO - "Soul Shaker" (GYR103)

Excellent 6th studio disc by this amazing heavy guitar power trio from Indonesia featuring 11 tracks of mega-awesome, superb, killer, dynamic, retro-70s, blues-based six string guitar rock magnificence that lands down hard between a rock and a blues place. Axemaster Gugun is a T R U E Guitar Hero, the R E A L deal on the guitar, a relentless, powerful Six String Force to be reckoned with who digs in deep & struts his bad-ass, funky, heavy guitar rock mojo from start to finish on this remarkable Grooveyard Records disc. A bad-ass, fierce, three headed, riff-monster.

Phenomenal 2nd studio disc by this bad-ass, killer power trio from Canada featuring the amazing Hendrix-inspired heavy guitar talents of Vince Hawkins. With 13 awesome tracks of brain-damaging, way-kool, powerful, hard-hitting, blues-based, retro-70s, riffage that defines the true meaning of heavy guitar rock. Combining elements of "old-school" guitar heaviness with a fresh modern twist, the "Roads To Freedom" disc is a serious slice of outstanding guitar rock mojo.
BLACK MOUNTAIN PROPHET - "Notorious Sinner" (GYR107)

Killer debut studio disc by this way-kool blues-based guitar rock band from the backwoods of Kentucky & Tennessee featuring Jarrod England (Rufus Huff) on lead vocals & guitar and Bob Watkins (Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies) on guitar. Excellent, dynamic, blues-based, vintage, retro-70s, hard rock mojo that will have you worshipping at their soul-powered House Of Rock. Black Mountain Prophet are Retro Sonic Preachers of the good old fashioned Rock N' Roll Gospel who have just added the 11th Commandment to the "Good Book": Thou Shalt Rock.
MOJO RADIO - "Rise" (GYR108)

Excellent 2nd studio disc by this way-kool blues-based hard rock band featuring the outstanding vocal talents of Adam Zierten. Awesome, memorable, dynamic, melodic, soul-powered, blues-based, organic, retro rock n' roll mojo. On their powerful sophomore effort, Mojo Radio dig deep & produce a killer set of classic, timeless, modern-day guitar rock with a strong musical nod towards their retro-70s heroes. The Steepwater Band "Riffmaster" Jeff Massey lands as a "Special Guest" guitarist on the stellar, dynamic, epic "See It Through."
NANDHA BLUES: "Black Strawberry Mama" (GYR109)

Awesome debut studio disc by this excellent guitar rock power trio from Italy featuring way-kool, dynamic, blues-based, retro-70s, heavy guitar rock mojo that lands down solid at the Southern Rock Jam Band crossroads. Nandha Blues features Max Arrigo on guitar & lead vocals, a legit, authentic "vintage" guitar slinger who plays a classic mix of killer six string slide & lead mojo that rocks the blues with truth & passion. Brother Arrigo digs deep on the guitar and jams out on this killer set of vintage, bluesy guitar rock excellence.
DIRTY DAVE OSTI - "Shakedown On Salvation Street" (GYR110)

Mega-awesome third studio disc by this bad-ass blues/rock axeripper & his finest musical effort to date. Brother Osti teaches us a thing or two about glorious "six string redemption" on his killer new disc as a true testament that rock n' roll ain't dead. A Righteous Hard Rockin' Guitar-Slingin' Preacher Man on an electrified Mission to Keep the Rock alive.
TONY SPINNER - "Earth Music For Aliens" (GYR111)

Phenomenal 9th solo disc by this way-kool blues/rock strat-master featuring world-class, high-octane, soul-powered, dynamic, blues-based, guitar driven power trio rock will make you a firm believer that Real music still exists in a world of musical mediocrity. A retro-sonic slice of blues/rock mojo full of depth, soul & blues power with real songs, first-rate guitar playing & excellent soulful vox.
BRYCE JANEY - "Burning Flame" (GYR112)

Outstanding 9th solo disc by this awesome blues/rock axeslinger featuring dynamic, deep, soul-powered, bluesy heavy guitar power trio rock that stands tall in a class all its own. Bryce is a killer guitar slinger who unleashes a righteous, earthy, low-down, ass-kickin' set of hard, electric rockin' blues complete with seriously kool six string mojo, soulful, whiskey soaked vocals & strong songs.
THE JANEYS - "Get Down With The Blues" (GYR113)

Awesome 3rd studio disc featuring the amazing Father/Son duo of BillyLee & Bryce Janey on guitars. Bad-ass, hard-hitting, powerful, blues-based heavy guitar rock mojo that lands down solid between a rock and a blues place, the boys kick hard out of the gate with a killer Hendrix jam, ending the disc with an outstanding version of "Third Stone From The Sun" with premium grade blues/rock mojo in between.
CRAIG ERICKSON - "Rare Tracks" (Volume Two) (GYR114)

An excellent collection of rare unreleased tracks/jams by this outstanding, prolific blues/rock axeslinger from Cedar Rapids, Iowa featuring 14 tracks of awesome, dynamic, blues-based, retro-70s, heavy guitar rock mojo. On Volume Two, Craig Erickson picks up where he left off on the first "Rare Tracks" disc and takes us on a deep, intimate, six string musical journey with his guitar.
GUITAR PETE - "Bad Intentions" (GYR115)

Killer new studio disc by this bad-ass blues/rock axeripper from NYC featuring 9 tracks of brain-damaging, retro-70s, blues-based heavy guitar power trio riffage complete with extended, over-the-top, face-melting, lead guitar jams that rock the blues with raw, wild abandon. The man is a fearless guitar warrior on a "world domination" mission to Keep the Rock alive.
GUITAR PETE - "Rare Tracks" (GYR116)

A collection of rare unreleased tracks & jams recorded through the years by this way-kool, bad-ass, killer blues/rock axeripper from NYC. Includes 11 11 tracks of raw, muscular, in-your-face, six string rock with a Leslie West meets Hendrix meets Billy Gibbons vibe. Dig deep and smell the serious blues-based, ball bustin', ass kickin', retro-70s heavy guitar rock riffage.


Awesome 17th studio disc by this amazing, killer axemaster from Italy featuring 12 tracks of brain-damaging, powerful, over-the-top instrumental heavy guitar shred madness of monumental proportions. Alex Masi is a legendary, supreme, bad-ass guitar virtuoso who takes us on an incredible six string musical journey entitled "Danger Zone", his first disc for Grooveyard Records. A mind-blowing, lethal display of nuclear guitar rock mojo on a Mission to Keep the Shred alive.

Excellent 4th solo studio disc by this awesome guitarist from Denmark featuring killer, powerful, hard-hitting, instrumental guitar riffage that kicks sonic metal ass and lands on rock solid ground. Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Section A, Fatal Force, Acacia Avenue & Decoy) is an accomplished, world-class, axemaster who speaks the same six string language as the guitar greats on the outstanding "Above And Beyond" disc. An essential, dynamic, melodic, heavy guitar rocker.

Phenomenal debut studio disc by this outstanding guitarist from France featuring awesome, impressive, dynamic, blues-based, instrumental guitar rock mojo that defines true six string brilliance. Julien (DJUL) Lacharme is an exceptional new guitar talent who also writes strong, interesting, memorable songs/compositions. "Out Of Bounds" is a remarkable, well-crafted musical document that is essential listening for serious guitar rock lovers worldwide. An amazing, intelligent, sophisticated, musical work of six string truth.