Chris Impellitteri,: Venom Trailer - New Studio Album for 2015

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: performs "Poison Cookies" on EMGtv

Sam Coulson: Breakneck Blues - Yamaha THR10X

Mark Holcomb, Emil Werstler, Gary Grainger: Jam at PRS Booth - Gear Gods NAMM

Yvette Young: Gear Gods NAMM interview with musical and art prodidgy

John Petrucci: Dream Theater Triaxis demo

Robben Ford: Into The Sun - Album Trailer

Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire - Blood Bank

Bugra Sisman: Latin Improvisation Guitar Solo

Hedras Ramos: limited edition of my new signature guitar made by Cort Guitars

News: GHS Strings Launches NitroPack With Anti-Corrosion Guarantee - Better be safe!

Laura Klinkert: Dunlop Endorser

Sean Baker: Shredguy Records is proud to announce its twenty seventh release - Sean Baker Orchestra - Game On

Mateus Starling: Brazilian Funk by one of the best improvisers on the planet right now

Lee Peterson: iOS apps for guitarists

Irene Ketikidi: The Band plays live *Stage 2: Distance*

Mike Campese: Sonoma booth, at the Anaheim Convention Center NAMM 2015

Grim Shit: The Way I Am - a new take on Eminem and Djentney Spears

Alberto Milani, Scott Henderson: Moon Lament - Stories by the Bridge 2011

Felix Martin: Avila Prog Metal Tapping piece - plus tour dates for the 12 stringer

Sam Bell: Scarified Live Playthrough Laney IRT Pulse Test

Tony Martinez: 88 Ibanez Jem - hot pink rippage

News: Guitar Star, Sky Arts calling all the amazing players from the UK and Ireland.

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Yamato Masaoka: Kemper Profiling Day in Tokyo