Luca Mantovanelli, Stel Andre: Super Locrian Jam

Mateus Starling: A rocha (the rock) - jazz fusion improvisation

Mitsuyo: Talkative Synesthesia - tasty performance play through

Borja Mintegiaga: JTC Solo Contest 2015 - O3 Custom Headless guitar

Rusty Cooley: Del Castillo at the Mucky Duck in Houston with my debut on acoustic guitar

Gerald Gradwohl: Jazzfest Wr. Neustadt 2014

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Nico Schliemann: Jammin' - Solo Takes

News: Jam Track Central Competition - 1300 entries - just 4 days left to round 1!!

Myles Yang,Jack Holladay: Native Construct "The Spark of the Archon" play through

News: Hammer Jammer - key-hammering attachment for guitar - 2015

Steve Vai: All About The Guitar - Vai Academy 2015!

Greg Koch: Vivid Gristle - Greg Koch and the Tone Controls DVD

Mike Onesko, Bruce Bouillet, Craig Erickson: Guitar Army - new album from Mike Onesko

Joe Chawki: I’m really into a wide range of things - Prog Sphere interview

Tosin Abasi: Performs "The Woven Web" on his Ibanez TAM10

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: "The Kings Rhapsody" on EMGtv