Marc Guillermont: "LIVE" DRUMS on keyboard

Sam Coulson: Figaro Mozart - TSO cover

Daniele Gottardo, Francesco Congia: Jamming on "All blues"

Ian Crichton: Saga "Don't be late" and "You're not alone" Spirit of 66 Verviers 2014

Dan Patlansky – Backbite, Live at Atterbury Theatre 11 March 2015

Michael Angelo Batio: Guitar World - Sweep Picking 101

Jose Jaime Araja: - Milk Tea - 8 string - three camera promo video

Steve Hackett: Spectral Mornings 2015 - In Aid of Parkinson's UK

Scott Mishoe: You can Now Purchase Omnidirectional

Rick Graham: Just me myself and Ibanez - noodle time

Dhalif Ali: JEM7V SBL - jam time

Tom Quayle, Dan Smith: The Guitar Hour 26/04/15

Richard Medel: Tribute to Tuck Andress-Over The Rainbow/Brain

Daniele Gottardo: The Nuts - Anthropology - great jazz fusion

Jack Gardiner: No Giants Allowed - The Leslie Johnson Project - smoking fusion

Hedras Ramos: Got a Match - Chick Corea - maturing like a fine wine!

Ai Onuma, Shoko Nagasaki: Neo-Zonk - live digest of super keyboard duo

Michael Schenker: Temple of Rock announce January 2016 UK Tour

News: BC Rich Returns to Acoustic Roots

Joe Bonamassa: adds second Brighton date to October UK Tour