Jon Deiley, Josh Smith: Northlane - Node Pre-Orders

Michael Harris: on new Veronica Freeman's solo project THE V

Marty Friedman: Ghost Cult interview

Yngwie Malmsteen: A peek into the “business” of one of the world’s greatest guitar players.

George Lynch: Lynch Mob - back with their brand new studio album Rebel

John Petrucci: demos his Sterling by Music Man JP70

Yngwie Malmsteen: ripping it up in the land of kiwi's - Auckland Powerstation 2015

Erlend Krauser: Kemper Profiler Performance - crazy tones and mega impressive!

Gianluca Ferro: Djin - scary just got scarier

George Lynch: Lynch Mob - The Pines Pavilion - New York 2015 series

Jeff Kollman: 'passing the ace' - Chad Smith's Bombastic Meats

Jason Sadites: odd-time licks and riffs - Fuzzy Math

Jojo Alves: Stevie Wonder - sir duke - two hands - two necks

Diego Budicin: brand new collaboration with Positive Grid

t-cophony: Medicine - The 10th anniversary performance

Hussein Haddad: Rock Metal Backing Track

Livio Lamonea: Liberty city - guitar arrangement of Jaco Pastorius classic

Pete Sklaroff: Fusion Guitar Solo - 'Mulberry Mews' - Larry Carlton Style

Michael Romeo: Symphony X - Underworld - CLEAR 2-LP Gatefold pre order!

Stéphan Forté: The Shadows Compendium - BT's now avaialble

Richard Daudé: summer sun... time for some Funk-Shred-Fusion - sparks flyin' like a BBQ on overload

Marcel Coenen, Jonas Tamas: Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" Guitar Instrumental

Sam Coulson, Dylan Santimeau: Slow Blues Jam

Rob Garland: Guitar Tones PhunkYard Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special D'Addario

James Norbert Ivanyi: Apperception Prism' #1 and 'Ubuntu' #1 - killer soloing from Suhr artist