Enver Izmailov: RRO Zermatt a little morning etude

Greg Howe: live clinic @ Muziekhuis Da Capo

Alex Machacek: Everything's Changed - Jermaine Hall

Richie Allan: Heavy Metal Ninjas - in the UK catch them if you can!!!

Paul Gilbert, Greg Marra: clinic with Mike Hansen on drums

Yossi Sassi: Patreon Video - for new album and continued video production

Paul Gilbert: talks about learning patterns for Young Guitar

Ulisses Miyazawa: homage - I´ll See The Light Tonight LIVE JAPAN 85

Adrian Weiss: Second Sunrise - Performance Video - TS Customs guitars and ENGL-Amps

Chris Letchford: Pearl - Guitar Play Through - Candyrat records

Doug Steele: Dokken - Tooth N Nail song dissection