‎Øyvind Owane Pedersen, Jakub Żytecki, Sean Ashe: Owane - Greatest Hits - brilliant fusion with stunning mix and production by Alex Argento

Simone Dow: Voyager Fire of the times - awesome soloing ready for the US tour

Jane Getter,Alex Skolnick, Bryan Beller: Premonition - On - teaser for new the new Jane Getter album

Joe Bonamassa: Bona Jam Tracks - "Sloe Gin" - Official jam tracks

Arsafes, Jakub Żytecki: Above The Earth - with Aleksandra Radosavljevic - Every Moment the new album

Al Di Meola: more details about the upcoming tour

Gus Drax: Melodic Shredding Improvisation

Atanas Shishkov: N-audio Firesound V3 - Time Table by Tony Macalpine

Scott Kay: Voyager - USA Tour Lessons - 2015

Kirk Fletcher: Live at The Baked Potato by Natasha

Richard Daudé: Melodic minor tapping lick (tab included)

Paul Wardingham, Andy James, Christian Muenzner: Day Of The Droids

Walter Trout, Jon Trout: MoeJoeVision - The Bull Run Restaurant 2015

Pat Heath, Mike Baugh, Mick Taylor: V30 The Countess & V40 The Duchess – three players compare

Tina Guo, John Huldt: Queen Bee Live in Rehearsal

Tom Quayle, Tony Martinez: - All Along The Watchtower