Rick Graham: Late Night Notage - sizzling!

Enver Izmaylov: the amazing two hander with Paul Hanson and Oboman

Roman Miroshnichenko: on Ovation Double Neck

Michael Angelo Batio: Teaches No Boundaries Note for Note This instructional video coming soon

Carl Mörner Ringström: Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015

Luca Mantovanelli, Jack Gardiner: from an international jam we did

Billy Sheehan: Yankee Rose, Shy Boy - Lucky Strike Jam 2015

Fuminori Watanabe: Strandberg Guitar Competition - love this guys playing

Tom Quayle, Dan Smith, Dave Brons: The Guitar Hour - 23/9/15 with Dave Bainbridge

Steve Vai: Leg 9 (USA, St Barths, Japan, France, Poland) - The Space Between the Notes DVD

Nick Johnston: Pedal Projects - Growly

Michael Wahl Berardi: Guitar and Bass Mute demonstration. Variety of music samples.

Luke Lewis: Play Lightning Fast Pentatonics like Shawn Lane

Gus Drax, Malte Rathke: The Chronicles Project: When Darkness Falls

Acle Kahney, James Monteith: TesseracT - Survival from Polaris the new album and world tour dates

Mika Tyyskä: The Spirit of The Guitar Hunt - Episode 5/5 The Guitar Trial by Bonfire with Mr Fastfinger

Richard Lawson: Ten Years Now - original composition - promo video

Troy Tipton, Michael Manring, John Onder: Abnormal Thought Patterns - Synesthesia - Bass Heaven!!