Vinnie Moore: 8th solo album due October 23rd 2015

Robert Trujillo, Mike Watt,Steve Bailey: Join Bass Player LIVE! Lineup November 7 & 8 In Los Angeles

Gaby Soule: JTC Solo Contest 2015 and Yamaha Pacifica 611 VFM & THR10 demo

Tom Quayle, Dan Smith: The Guitar Hour 30/9/15 with David Beebee - talking about video promotion

Mika Tyyskä: Proud to announce our first Semi-World Tour with Mr. Fastfinger. Japan and Asia dates

기타치는RU: fast legato and sweep line lesson with tab

Vanny Tonon: The Fanatic Tourist of Love/Smile Storm

Rick Graham: Dat Dere BIAS tone and some Lydian stuff

Youri De Groote: Compressor, Chorus, Stereo Delays, Hall Reverb - Boss GT-100

Ethan Brosh, Nathan Montalvo: The Ethan Brosh Band - In a SentiMetal Mood! Live in Charlotte!!

Jake Willson: Quick and Dirty Demo - AmpliFire Freedman HBE preset!

Joel Hoesktra: "Say Goodbye to the Sun" Playthrough and Lesson

Francesco Artusato: Devil You Know - Tattoo Magazine - these guys can take the pain!

Brett Kingman: Japanese J Mascis Jazzmaster Anti-Demo - we need more anti demos!

Michael Dolce: performs with Delta Goodrem on the Footy show