Katalina González: May and Path Cosmic - classy rock fusion at jazz al parque 2015

Mai Agan: MaiGroup - Something magical @ Terevisioon - I want day time TV like this now!

Allan Holdsworth: Rare Live Shows / Rare Live Streaming / Rare Tour T-Shirt

Milan Polak: Autumn version for that spring classic "April Sky" solo

Byron Fry, Kurt James: Now this is a Surreal orchestra I would love to see!

Nick Kellie: Nick's Licks #1 - tabbed out super rock fusion licks

Tony Martinez: ripping on his Gibson Les Paul 59 with a Friedman BE100 - shred mode enabled

Marc Guillermont: Recording sessions for the Now Loading project featuring sparkling fusion guitar

Marco Sfogli: PFM tour dates 2015

Brian Maillard:20 Licks: Phrasing Development! for

Aaron Marshall, Plini, Nick Johnston: Intervals - The Shape of Colour album pre order

Shane Gaalaas, Tak Matsumoto, Ric Fierabracci, Peter Fernandes: Bitter Suites From The Red Room