Jimmy Hedlund: Yngwie Malmsteen-Perpetual - one for the gipper

crAYOn: WaterColors - GREEN performance playthrough

Guthrie Govan: String Bending Masterclass - Part Four

Tom Quayle: Triad Lydian Lick | Free Guitar Lesson 6

Ron Thal: Why Bumblefoot Plays "The Pink Panther Theme"

Arnaud: Neo Geo with 8 minutes of classical shred with 2 Yngwie Malmsteen Fender Strats

I Wayan Balawan: Fusion Funk blues 20 november 2015

Jason Sadites: Dominant 7th Country fling

Filipe Paiva: Morning After The Nightmare - Suhr Modern Satin

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku, Senri Kawaguchi, Shoko Nagasaki, Kiyoshi Manii: Instrumental Summit Vol.6 Ladies Night - super JRock Fusion band!!

David Gilmour: playing live in HD... I should KOKO...

Jordan Harris: The Seclusion - crunchy playthrough for It Djents TV

Nico Schliemann: Ibanez AS153TQ - very tasty jam session

Derek Sherinian, Tony MacAlpine: talks about the lineup for The Tony MacAlpine Benefit

Leah Woodward: Aliases - While Rosser Drowns .strandberg* progressive djent

Sam Coulson: Asia guitarist releases debut album “Electric Classical”